Back to school

So the first Monday of the year, and Lorraine went back to school, having done her best with her team to make the school as safe as humanly possible. Felt extremely concerned about her having to do this, when it was so clearly nonsensical. Even the dogs in the street could see closing schools would have to happen, but not those in Downing Street who rewarded the virus with another golden day of infection opportunities. 

At 8pm Johnson announced a new national lockdown, and closed all the schools. Sunday's quote from Johnson on the Andrew Marr show: 'Schools are safe', was now (with no new data) that they were too unsafe to remain open. They will of course remain open for key workers children, so about 40% of the children at L's school will still be there. 

For Lorraine this meant she had worked through the weekend like a dog on plans that were toast in a few hours.  Then she had to start again this evening after the PM's speech at 8 having to phone the chair of governors to reset the school on a home learning/keyworkers children setting,  and send out initial emails to parents and so on. 

Otherwise, having lain awake half the night, I spent the day in rather out of sorts. Had an online meeting with Robin and made some recordings for Thursday's podcast, although neither of us on top form.

Also posted something about Lorraine's school and having to go in because Johnson says it's safe, and was distracted by messages (most overwhelmingly supportive). Note to self, do not post on Facebook when there is work to be done.

In the afternoon I slunk off to the greengrocer's and picked up a few veggies, then went for a walk up to Hollingbury Hill and around and about. Muddy with icy rain, but nevertheless I felt much better for it. 

Cooked Lorraine comfort food tonight, with mash of potato and swede, veggie sausages and fried onions, and Brussels sprouts with gravy, which L enjoyed lots despite the frenzy of events. To bed with an exhausted wife.