Jab 'em

Lorraine went off to work in a happier frame of mind having worked hard for most of the weekend. Fewer children to be looked after this week, and L largely confined to her office. I managed to do some writing this morning. Also spent time looking again at my pal Charlotte's two nooks Noir and The Girl Who Cried in preparation for our interview later this week. There is magic in them. Good news from Mum and Mas in that they are getting their first jab on Thursday, down at their usual GP surgery. Anton said Anne has been jabbed, and Pat and Maureen have been done too. I can't help feeling that headteachers need to be at the front of the queue, not to mention hypochondriacs. At least they seem to be cracking on with it now.

Otherwise the usual walk, fewer people around today, mostly hardy dog walkers. Still listening to John Cooper Clarke book, which I've almost finished now, and it is still worth reading although it is in the obligatory 'I was on tour with x and trying to score some heroine' phase. 

A quick message with Toby today, and I told him I was going out for a walk, and he said he hoped I got some sun, as a reply I snapped him the weather from the kitchen window.