A bit of a pain

In a bit of pain today, with a bad backache that also transfers significant pain into my head too.  I had a bit of a doze this afternoon, however, helped loosen things up.  

A stroll around Blaker's park at lunch. Was briefly ambushed by anxiety as I ambled along, luckily I have the skills to ward off panic attacks these days, but I needed a minute to collect myself. Walked past the collection of little huts there which turn out to be a new Covid Testing site.   

Did bits and pieces to do with the podcast, and I uploaded the Charlotte episode this afternoon. Robin and I fairly pleased with the way it had turned out. Also emailing Rhona over in British Columbia, who I will interview next week. 

Sainsbury's delivery, Kevin too our vegetable guy delivered. Also a Christmas card from Sarah and Louise and Zach arrived having been lost in a postal Bermuda Triangle.

In the first world problems section, I ordered a new diary from Mokeskine on 30 December. After harassing them by twitter, I have finally got an answer saying they are in Italy, and because of Brexit etc. are unable to say when it will be delivered. 

Lorraine home and we ate fishcakes and Lorraine played Zelda on the Nintendo for a while, and then we watched, gasp, a brand new episode of Death in Paradise, complete with a beachside bar and sunset at the end. Sigh.