Enjoyable bleakness

Lorraine off to work, before I had even struggled out of bed having got up in the night. 

Spent much of the day editing the podcast, broken by a walk up the hill in the grey and drizzle, while listening to Bleak House. The audiobook is read, absolutely fabulously, by Miriam Margolyes. Such a great book. 

Had chats with Anton, and a long catch up with Bob, who was an optimistic mood -- he seems positive we'll meet later in the year for a beer. Spoke also to Mum and was saddened to hear that her neighbour's behaviour will now necessitate talking to solicitors. He is threatening to build a fence down their shared path. It seems lockdown makes crazy crazier. I will help as much as I can. But lockdown of course makes nothing easier.

Lorraine home and was fed mashed up new potatoes and sausages. She played her computer game on the big screen for a while, but was persistently swallowed by a creature that stripped her avatar of its shield. I sipped a glass of aquavit again tonight.