Blue Monday done

More podcast recording with Robin this morning:  the what we are reading section, and reaction to Charlotte's interview. Robin talking about La Vita Nuova by Dante, and me chatting about audiobooks by John Cooper Clarke and Joy Harjo. Robin is not interviewing her next victim till tomorrow, and so we decided to go with Charlotte for this week, so it means I'm leading on this episode again, so quite a bit of editing to do in the next couple of days.  

Charlotte saying she so wanted a beer with me, Robin, SJB and Mr Bone. That would be a fine thing.

A proper Blue Monday this year. Not that I heard anyone on the radio mention it. Doing my best not to feel bleak and mid-winterish, but glum dissatisfaction now settling on me and my own writing like a flock of malign birds. I have so many promising ideas, that I slowly prune to death; a reductio ad absurdum. 

A news clip of folks enjoying life in Guernsey, with no social distancing, made my personal little heaven seem even more unobtainable.  

A brisk walk helped lots, listening to people talking about books on BBC podcasts. I think I will download some Dickens next. There's still one or two of the novels I've not read, but I have never listened to one of them as an audiobook, and I fancy listening to David Copperfield, Bleak House or maybe Great Expectations. 

Lorraine home very tired after work. I fed her with an excellent chicken stew. Watched the second half of The Sky at Night best of 2020 programme. I do like this show that appears once a month (although now on a break till Spring). These are exciting times in the world of astronomy, and a galactic perspective helps keep problems afflicting us as we cling to our little pebble in space into some kind of perspective. Superstitiously, I was pleased the other day to see the barest slither of the new moon with my naked eye, and not through glass. I have my grandmother to thank for that. 

A game of Supermario Karts before an early night. I like the sensation of speed you get, and the amazing environments you drive through.To bed early, and I went quickly to sleep only to wake up sometime before midnight, completely wide awake. Got up to write this blog and sip chamomile tea and look out of my window at the quiet dark tier 4 streets. This will all pass.