Wind and venting

A cold and windy day today. Indoors, Lorraine working on her assembly and me recording Skelton Yawngrave stuff, which involved Lorraine dropping the book into my hands from above, and also toying with The Dream Home, one of my horror short stories. Spoke to Mum too, who is rather bored.

Lorraine and I had a walk up towards Hollingbury, dropping off a bottle of wine for Joe a few doors up, who is a GP. Lorraine had written a thank you note in it, just to be nice. I had spoken to him a few weeks ago and he looked haggard and definitely under pressure. It was Lorraine's idea. We walked up towards Hollingbury, then Lorraine turned back to do a spot of gardening and I carried on for a bit. Windy and spots of rain, but at least this meant there were few people to dodge.

Had to tidy away chairs in the garden tonight, as I feared they were going to blow away.

Lorraine waiting for the clownish Prime Minister's speech before completing her assembly. Johnson's speech full of holes. I vented on social media after, writing on facebook....  Finally get what this shower remind me of... When you meet another agency on a pitch and they’ve obviously stunk the place out with their lousy strategy and weak and risible creative, but they can’t drop their brittle faux confidence till they’ve reached the car park. BoJo like some over promoted GAD whose dad went to school with the chairman.  A GAD is a group account director, a suit, as we used to call them. It is pointless venting, but there you go.