Spag Bol and bandanas

Monday, and Lorraine back to work. Getting today's episode out was a bit of a struggle. Did this however, and then went for an earlyish walk. Speaking to Anton while I was walking.  He was talking among other things about buying a bandana to wear in the outbreak, toying for a while with the idea of a Mexican day of the dead themed one, he rejected this in favour of a red paisley. We concluded that if this pandemic is about one thing, it's fashion.

Home and simply got on with tomorrow's episode. This evening I got to cook an olde world, old skool spaghetti bolognese with actual minced beef in it, and I even had a portion of the sauce myself, and sprinkled not with parmesan but with robust cheddar. Beth and Lorraine tucked into this crowd pleaser with enjoyment.

I tend to steer clear of beef as it was a bad gout trigger for me before I started taking the  allopurinol a several years ago, which has prevented anything nasty happening since, and I ate it with no ill effects.