The Dream Home

Another episode of Skelton Yawngrave TV, and also uploaded a short horror story The Dream Home. Kept myself pretty busy, and in the afternoon went for a bracing walk -- quite a few folks out and about now and noticeably more cars on Ditchling Road.

Lorraine working from home, but with her nose to the grindstone sorting out how a restart in June can happen, and talking to staff and so on. Chatted to Mum, and then sat in the Taverna, in the sun, which was just warm enough, and drank a can of beer and finished listening to the appendixes of the Lord of the Rings. Listening to that has brought great succour and calmness to me. Reminded Mum that she had written in the three volume copy she gave to me when I was sixteen (previously I had read the family yellow-spined onevolume giant), 'for all your seasons of mist and mellow thoughtfulness.'

Beth out for much of the day working, and Lorraine and I had a leisurely dinner, and watched TV, like you do.