Making tracks

Ear inflamed and painful today. Mostly just working on SYTV all day, chats with Anton and a long one with Toby this evening, who told me about a guy coming to their house in Toronto to look at the decking a while ago, who turned out to have gone to Toby's school in Kingsbury and they knew lots of people in common. He was well remembered by his pals, aka the Rabbits, when Tobs zoom called them recently.

I went for a walk this afternoon, now listening to The Silmarillion, although not with the same gusto as LotR. I have only read it once or twice, so it at least feels newish. There is a lot less of it to.

Lorraine working hard all day from home, and Beth receiving an energetic personal training session over her laptop in the front room.

Didn't drink again today, have abstained three of the last four days, not that I was worried about the amount I was drinking (these days 3 cans of beer seems like loads) but laying off will help control my weight. Also seem unusually attracted to snacks like crisps lately, which we don't usually eat.

Below Richard in Guernsey wrote a nice blog post about new pathways being trodden in response to the virus. I walked back some avenues homeward yesterday, and found that the grassy bits had new paths in them to supplement the pavements. One such is below in Surrenden Road. I took my camera up to Hollingbury Hillfort today, snapped these, zooming a bit. One looking towards Portslade, and the other a snap from the top of Surrenden Road.