Saturday fun

Up and at it today. A top to toe house hoover, and cleanup which took some time. Lorraine and I looking today at wedding photos and finally building ourselves a wedding album. Nice to look at the photos again. Lots of calls today, Beth spending the afternoon and evening with assorted pals, and attending a zoom birthday party this afternoon.

We chatted to Pat and Maureen for a bit, Maureen demonstrating how she made a facemask with a handkerchief. I spent some time talking to Mum too, at a bit cheesed off with the lockdown today. Lorraine talking to Dawn on video link too. Lovely to glimpse her little face too, looking all healthy after working on her allotment.

Sat briefly outside in the sun this afternoon, but when the sun slid behind some high cloud it was too cold. Lorraine and I had a Brooklyn Nine-nine binge, after Lorraine had been crying at Repair Shop. Beth appearing from time to time from her cyber parties.  Lorraine had a gin and tonic an I had two Dark and Stormy cocktails -- basically ginger beer, lime juice, and  dark rum. Strangely lovely, although Beth said the colour was 'nicely dehydrated' in a urine reference I thanked her for.

Below Maureen giving a facemask demonstration over zoom, and the garden with the lilac tree next door nicely in bloom and hanging over the bottom of our garden in the bit known as Little Guernsey.