Into the woods

Woke up at four and was wide awake. Slept fitfully afterwards. Lorraine at school again today, I uploaded the Skelton Episode, which seemed to take ages, and then made off for a long walk in the afternoon. Walked about 15k paces during the day, and went over Hollingbury Hill and into Stanmer Woods for the first time in ages. It is blissful to walk among trees, and there were few people about, all of them on bicycles or the odd person walking their dog.  Hollingbury was noticeably busier today, and I noticed several groups of teenagers hanging out, clearly breaking the lockdown rules. The government has shot itself in the foot and leaked the idea that there will be some easing of the restrictions from Monday. The newspapers reflect the bungled messaging by trumpeting 'Freedom Beckons' etc.  All jostling of course with the groundbreaking news that the singer Adele has shed a few pounds.

Home after my walk. Beth sunbathing in the back garden, Lorraine home and finishing off a bit of pesky headteachering, I sat in the garden reading poetry publications by Charlotte and Robin. Lorraine came out and soon it was beer o'clock. I popped out to the off licence which was thankfully empty when I got there as I zoomed out it had filled up with a queue of blokes, none of whom was two metres from the next man. A cheery evening, with messages from Anton and beermonsters.

Below stepping into trees and the idiotic and dangerous press headlines.