Distant thunder

A rainy day with a bit of distant thunder. No pinching and punching for the first of the month. My lighting app was going off lots. I uploaded the last of the week's  Skelton Yawngrave episodes. Feeling restless and antsy afterwards. Spoke to Mum, and Toby called this afternoon, and during our chat Beth and Lorraine came into the kitchen as Beth needed her extremely long hair trimmed.  Lorraine employing my beard trimmers and a comb to take off a couple of inches. I strapped on the nosebag to a delicious roast, served with cauliflower puree, butternut squash and roast cauliflower. Tasty!

Once the thundery skies (below) had passed I  sat outside in the cool watery sun for a bit, listening to The Lord of the Rings. TV and yet another quiet night...

Below dark skies, and Beth's hair after being cut.