Friday, February 24, 2017

The plague lifts

Finished the spot of cattle plague work today for my French pals, and then some organising of various bits to do with Edinburgh and so on, and chatting to Sonia who was bemoaning the state of dentists, 'you open your mouth, and it costs you £20'. Lorraine working at school. I took myself off for an enjoyably long walk this afternoon, while listening to the C.S. Lewis book. A nice night indoors, although Lorraine feeling coldy. Spoke to First Matie today, talking about Andy, and a general catch up. Later getting texts from another former colleague Debs about Andy too, as she had just found out.

An early night.

Below Lorraine and I often look at the lovely shape of this copse.

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Richard Fleming said...

Twenty pounds! That's a bargain. A routine visit to a dental hygeinist in Guernsey costs £90.