Monday, February 06, 2017

Gleams of hope

All yesterday I felt about to go down with a bad cold, tired and achey, and then no cold appears, but the tired and achey persists. Worked steadily through the day however, and took a short walk. I'm trying to focus on the MS at the moment to the exclusion of everything else. Although it is not easy trying to bring the thing into final shape, it is rewarding and I do have gleams of hope about it too.

In the morning Janet called me, rather upset over Ken who has had a bladder infection, and since being put on antibiotics has been very unsteady on his feet, and has fallen over. I spoke to her later and the doctor had called by and a physiotherapist. The doctor had taken him off the antibiotics as he had no infection anyway. Hopefully this will help.

Spoke to Mum at tea time, she was just back from the hospital saying she had self diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but the doctor at the Royal Free Hospital thought it was unlikely. Which was good to know, although she is going back for more tests. Luckily Mum or Mas have no hospital visits left this week.

Cooked supper, a spicy vegetable rice and fish concoction for my lovely wife, and then had an early night.

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