Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Homeward bound

Rather wild and stormy overnight. Gradually got ourselves packed ate mushrooms on toast and Sue got the house sparkling clean. While far from clear today, the nearest of the Aran islands, Inisheer, was visible as a blurry dark line.

John drove us a different route across the country to Dublin. This time we went through the local town called Ennistimon or Ennistymon depending where you look, where we glimpsed Nagle's Bar and Undertaker once more. A business that does both, which rather captured my imagination. Then down through Ennis the county town, and down to Limerick which was a solid looking purposeful port town, and from here it was only a short way to Tipperary.  Then across the middle of the country to Dublin, passing a poster alongside the M7 motorway at one point inviting people, rather surprisingly, to president Obama's ancestral village.

While on route to Dublin I got a text from Pat, saying that Andy, a former art director partner of mine  and Pat's in the early noughties had died. Very sad about this, as Andy was such a lovely man, extremely talented and gentle.

Then Sue and John dropped us at the airport, and we bade them fond farewells. Lorraine and I really enjoyed their company, and I had loved my trip and a chance to see more of Eire and see more of the Yeats trail, and John had driven us tirelessly about the place being a mine of information.

A fairly incident free flight. In fact we were very lucky as the person who had the window seat did not turn up, so I was able to take it to help with flight twitchiness, which I have a lot of at the moment. Naturally the cloud flew through cloud most of the way home, but it was good for us to have more room. Collected Lorraine's car from the airport and drove home, picking up some bits and pieces from Sainsbury's. Eating bits of pizza when we got home and chatting to Betty who was at home. Good to be home after the journey.

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