Thursday, February 16, 2017

Suspiciously like hard work

More walking listening with some fascination to C.S. Lewis - A Life. And more writing, and wishing I could be half the writer Lewis was. Still I'm dragging the MS into shape. Suspiciously like hard work at the moment, but my happiness with the results is forcing me forwards.

Beth off to be Gloria the Hippo. Her show is going really well. Also talking to my lovely French client, wanting to know if I was early next week, however I will be in Eire, so I won't be. Typical. A quick cross channel moan about politics. Val said she has always been an optimistic person, but is struggling to see hope at the moment with a Brexit precipitated crisis in Europe, and Trump. If Le Pen gets elected in France this year, she is going back to Canada. Watching Trump's antics in his press conference today. Monsters are always just a hair away from comedy. In a parallel universe this man is hilarious.

Lorraine has one more day left at school before half term. She is like a runner straining for the tape.  Went to bed tonight and listening to Tabula Rasa by Arvo Part in bed. Rather nice. One should make time for the good things.

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