Saturday, February 11, 2017


A businesslike Saturday.

Off today to Eastbourne to have the Telltale AGM. Was driven over by Sarah, who insisted I put my bag in the boot instead of the back seat in case it went under one of the pedals. I really like Sarah. To Robin's new home, which is absolutely lovely, with huge, high-ceilinged rooms, and an immense garden. Discussed the future of Telltale with Sarah, Robin and Jess. I said I didn't want to continue with it and Robin said neither did she. I have agreed to do some bits this year, and hopefully we will have an anthology at the end of the year. If it continues in some shape or form will not be down to me. Rather mixed feelings about this, but I feel I have to focus.

Drove home cheerily with Sarah, who dropped me at home. A long planned pleasant evening with John and Beth, and a delivery curry which I felt like wolfing down.

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