Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Star spangled eyeballs

A good start today, pressing on really well with the on the long MS. Looking out of my window I could see the windmill on the far horizon and a blue sunny sky. Next time I looked up the house was in the middle of a dense fog, which itself disappeared a bit later. Felt quite tired and underpowered again. Had a coffee to perk up, and an hour later at 1:30, and thinking about going for a short stroll, suddenly I couldn't see my screen properly. I went to the mirror and looked into my own eyes, and it is a sure sign of a migraine that when you can't see your own eyeball that it is a migraine. Soon the eye spangles started and it pretty much wrote off the rest of the day feeling wussy with a hurting head.  After a short sleep, I crawled back to my desk to join a teleconference, but mercifully this was only half an hour and I had to listen and not talk.

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