Saturday, February 04, 2017

Mermaid's purses

Lorraine deciding not to do any work this weekend, which was great. We had breakfast then drove off to Lidl in Shoreham, and popped into B and Q to buy some sealant gel for the bathroom, and cat biscuits. Then we went for an hour's walk along the seafront in Hove. The stones from the beach on the walkway again, which often happens. Lorraine collecting empty mermaid's purses to take to school, as dozens of them had been washed up. We stopped at the meeting place for a cup of tea and an exemplary rock cake, looking out to sea. The horizon now dotted with the Rampion Wind Farm, while I am all in favour of sustainable energy, it does make me feel a bit nimbyish about the cluttering of Brighton's traditional view of an unbroken horizon.

Then home, watching final score. I felt tired and achey and slept heavily, and woke up feeling very disoriented. Every time I think I am recovering from this virus I am ambushed again. Match of the Day enjoyable as Chelsea extended their lead at the top of the table by spanking the enjoyably disappointing Arsenal. 

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