Sunday, February 05, 2017

An interlude in Ashford

A fast journey to Ashford and we were there in an hour, listening to Desert Island Discs on Radio 4, with rugby referee Nigel Owens, in what turned out to be an inspiring show that had Lorraine and I glistening at the eyes as she drove. It was filled with passionate Welsh tunes, and ended with I am what I am. Before that was a really tense Archers omnibus. The Archers used to concern itself with chutney recipe controversies, to a backdrop of moos in the cowshed. Now its all mothers tearing stolen babies from the arms of psychotic kidnappers.

Then we arrived at Pat and Maureen's for a cup of tea before Lorraine drove us to The Blacksmiths Arms, where we had some good quality soup and roast turkey, a great deal of vegetables, and the no-brainer choice of an excellent lemon meringue pie. Friendly in there, especially to Pat. Home and the luxury of a doze in the armchair. Having mentioned to Pat and Maureen about my desire to wear smarter clothes, and Pat offered me a pick from his ties, and I bagged two patterned beauts. Lorraine and Maureen booking a holiday for Pat and Maureen down in Devon for later in the year. Maureen saying at one point, "I do say what comes out of my mouth sometimes," which I enjoyed.

Home again, armed with ties for me, a mirror for Beth and a small garden bench, which we were able to squeeze in the car. Beth back home late after a long rehearsal for Madagascar, the musical where she stars as a singing hippo.

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