Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bridges not walls

Getting down to the MS again this morning, again feeling what a boon Scrivener is. A quick chat with Toby via messenger, a conversation with a colleague about tweets, but otherwise working fairly steadily.

A walk in the afternoon off to see Janet and Ken, listening to the C.S. Lewis biography.  

They are hoping to move house in a month or so. Janet had just found out the place they are moving to is in some need of electrical work, but she doesn't begrudge this too much as the house was had at a good price. Ken looked well, and cheery and sitting in his usual chair, much improved from a spell when he was prescribed antibiotics that didn't agree with him, nor proved necessary.

Home and cooked, and spoke to Mum this evening.

Beth home tonight, having done the first real show (which went down excellently) and pausing afterwards to drink some peach schnapps and lemonade with the cast afterwards in the trusty Crown and Anchor. 

On the way to Janet and Ken, some scruffy graffiti with a good heart. The Bridges bit is actually a railway bridge.

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Richard Fleming said...

You might be amused to learn that C S Lewis and I shared the same school, Campbell College, albeit not at the same time. He's much acclaimed and celebrated in my home town, Belfast.