Thursday, February 23, 2017

Back to work

Slept like a large baby. Got up and started working on cattle plague concepts. Still had the misty beasts of County Clare in my head. Worked on this all day, pausing only to go for a bit of a walk, while listening to and talk to Mum. Mason had woken up with a bleeding ear the other day, which because of his medications had resulted in him having bloody pillows, which understandably put the willies up everyone. It had to be cauterised.

Storm Doris, a 'weather bomb' according to the news arrived today. Not at its fiercest in Brighton, it was still well blowy. One of the velux windows was open and banging from it.

Lorraine and Beth out having a mother and daughter afternoon, which included shopping and the eating of afternoon tea at the Salt House, which sparked much critical debate. I meanwhile tried to avoid the googled images of cattle with pus streaming eyes. When the ladies returned, Lorraine had bought me a pair of new blue slippers, with strangely squidgy insoles.

Part of the mother and daughter day was the ceremonial tidying of Beth's room and clearing it of papyrus scrolls, the dried bodies of sabre toothed tigers etc.

I listened to my C.S.Lewis book, which is interesting and infuriating. The author seems to concentrate on the arcane doings of University life (because he happens to know about all that) while basics about Lewis's fiction are handled in a sometimes perfunctory way.

As Lorraine and I were going to bed, Calliope found this bag.

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