Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Bun struggles

Fox in the garden today. A dog fox I think, which I have seen a few times now. It might explain the skittishness of the cats, and Brian who blatantly sprayed near the back door while I was standing there. He received a few of my opinions.

Beth still not well, but heading gamely off into the world again, to do rehearsals.

Otherwise a quiet and focused day of working on the story. Took myself for a long walk in the afternoon. Inventing a new circuit to the top of the nearest big hill, and through two parks. It does my ten thousand paces in one hit. A bit drizzly but satisfying nevertheless. At the end of it I passed a bakers selling strangely magnetic iced buns, and it took a good deal of willpower to overcome this bun struggle. Minimal lunches, in an effort to lose some weight, may explain it.

I made a pork stew, in a home made chicken stock crammed with a multitude of vegetables for supper today, administered to my lovely wife after going to Pilates tonight.

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