Sunday, February 26, 2017

A great film, a great comedian, plus eccles cakes

A busy day today. Up fairly early, and preparing vegetables before Lorraine and I headed into town.
Walking down London Road we bumped into Reuben and Claire and their two youngest bairns. Reuben had just run a half marathon for the charity Water Aid, which was really impressive. Reub said he was going home to a hot bath and around 6pm a large gin and tonic.

Then to Kommedia, where we saw Manchester by the sea with Rosie and Innis. Such a good film easily the best film I have seen for ages. As a study of grief and masculinity it was absolutely brilliant. And the central character's struggle with grief, guilt and depression was brilliantly portrayed by Casey Affleck. Quite a few people in tears at the end of the film. Emotionally gruelling film, but a must see.

Then we walked back home. Innis and I discussing the film in great detail. Also Rosie telling us she had been invited to do some work in Brazil, and she was flying over soon, and taking Innis with her. Met Beth and John close to home, and had a roast Sunday lunch with lots of wine. A cheery afternoon drinking wine and listening to music. Lorraine had baked eccles cakes, as I happen to love them, as a surprise.

In the evening Lorraine took me to the Dome to see Stewart Lee, the comedian, in his show Content Provider, the tickets for which were a Christmas present. He is my favourite comedian at the moment, and his show was excellent. I'd not seen him live before, but his TV shows and stuff I've seen on YouTube are always brilliant. The structure of this show, very postmodern and knowing as usual, seemed a bit looser. Great fun. At the side of the stage a woman was signing for the deaf, and sometimes you couldn't help but watch her, especially when the language grew quite colourful.

A cheeky taxi home, and then cheese on toast before bed.

Stewart Lee providing content.

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