Wednesday, February 08, 2017

An unwanted lungful

Unwanted visuals and headache gone today. A bit of a wan post migraine day feeling glum and wanting to be springy and full of life but finding myself feeling old and creaky. However did plenty of work, and spoke to Mum who has had a welcome break from visiting hospitals on her own account and with Mas, and Janet who kindly offered me a chair she won't have any use for.

I also went for a short walk. Passed a lad of about sixteen on the nice middle class streets hereabouts who, when I was about ten yards away from him, lit up his joint. This caused me to breathe an unwanted lungful as I passed. There is nothing furtive about smoking a joint these days as there was when I was a lad. People are literally happy to puff it in your tetchy old face as you walk past. Perhaps he thought he was doing me a favour.

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