Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hippo in the Hippodrome

Nose to the grindstone today, apart from an hour's walk to oxygenate and exercise. This blinking manuscript is hard work. But I want it actually to be good, so sticking with it. Off this evening to Eastbourne in the car with Lorraine and John to see Beth in the dress rehearsal of Madagascar where Beth plays an all-singing and dancing hippo, in fact she puts the hippo in the  Eastbourne Royal Hippodrome Theatre. Dress rehearsal seemed to go well, and it was actually a high-energy show that I enjoyed and I am sure the droves of children going to see it this half term will lap up too. Beth excellent as usual, and singing really well.

Afterwards we went for a bite to eat in the Crown and Anchor and a couple of beers. A man sitting with a parrot on his shoulder at the bar. Perfectly acceptable provender there at a decent price too. Drove home, avoiding blocked motorways and dropped Betty and John off in Hove before going gratefully to bed.

Below Betty being Gloria the hip hip hippo. And others.

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