Seaside strolls

I have given myself permission to be on holiday now, so of course I woke with some urgent ideas waiting to be written down. I got up and did so for an hour and then took Lorraine some tea, and simply went back to sleep for a bit.

Later, Lorraine and I made off to see Dawn for a stroll along the seafront at Hove. Saw betty briefly beforehand to drop off a couple of things. Then we met Dawn, just as a truly dark cloud was gathering.  The light was beautiful, however, so I snapped a couple of shots with my phone beforehand. Moments after we met Dawn, rain started so we walked a bit then took shelter for a bit on the seafront. When it abated we walked again, and the sun began to shine as we had a coffee from a stall near Rockwater. 

Dawn a bit upset as an aunt is very ill and her cousin phoned her in a bit of distress just before we arrived. Still once we had talked this out, it was very good to see her, and rain dodge. 

As soon as it was clear from news outlets this morning that the government were saying the new variant of Covid is even more contagious, I knew this would give them a face saving way of locking down over Christmas. 

Sure enough this afternoon this is exactly what happened with a new announcement from Boris and his government of none of the talents. So Mum and Mas, Pat and Maureen now find them selves living in the recently added Tier 4, which means they can't leave their houses or have anyone around. The much vaunted five day superb-reader's Christmas, has now been shrunk to Christmas Day itself, and nobody is supposed to stay. We are still in Tier 2 in Brighton, though rates here have appeared to have doubled in the last few days, but still qualify as lowish. What it means for Christmas is that Beth will be able to join us for Christmas Day, but there will be no driving off to see Mum and Mas or having Pat and Maureen over. 

Lorraine wanted to watch Strictly Come Dancing this evening, and even I found the partnership of Bill Bailey and Oti Mabuse completely heartwarming and fun.

Below splashes of colour before the rain, and Lorraine and Dawn hiding from the rain.