Last park life

Off  to the park this morning, and saw my glassmates Ben, Adele, Sally, Kate, Kate, Deana, Francis and Jane. Felt rather ashamed as I turned up empty handed, and was given a mince pie and a bottle of Adele's blackberry vodka, and three cards, and a small bar of black handmade soap by Deana and a box of chocolates from Frances, and a tree hanging from Jane. 

Lovely to chat to them, standing in two rings in the park which was cold and bit windy. Walked back across the park with Ben afterwards, hoping for better times next year. 

I bought a card for Sonya to slip into her bag of wee pressies, and wished her happy Christmas, from a distance of course, like all the business of the day.

Chatted to Mum and Anton today.

Lorraine's last day at school today, which was excellent. Home, tired but with bags of pressies. However not long after being at home, a phone call which meant she had lots of work people to call till seven.

I collected a curry, and we had a happy night indoors before Lorraine began to fall asleep on the sofa.

We discovered later that one of Lorraine's presents was a bauble full of miniature toilet rolls for the tree.