Boules on the horizon

Woke up at five and could not go back to sleep. A few loose ends today, publishing and promoting the last Planet Poetry podcast of the year, billing mes amis in France (God bless them) and of course doing some writing. 

Anton calling, wondering if he and I should take up pétanque/boules, as an outdoor sport. I saw no good reason not to.

A walk up to the Hollingbury Hillfort while listening to podcasts. A cool haze over Brighton below, and rather beautiful in its own way. Lots of golfers walking about the course like they owned it. And one man with a radio controlled car, zooming on a green that wasn't in use just that minute, which must have been annoying to the 18 holers. I sloped along the prescribed paths, and felt a bit worn out. I am looking forward to Lorraine stopping work at the end of the week, as it will help me feel more relaxed too I think.

Lorraine home after penultimate day of school. Feeling really proud of what she has achieved this year.