Christmas Day

Christmas Day, and Lorraine texted by Beth, who still radiated excitement about Christmas. Up and we'd only just finished breakfast before Beth and James came around. James just popping in for coffee and a mince pie while Beth was Christmas elf and we unwrapped presents, quite a few were joint ones for him and Beth seeing as they are now officially living together. Good to see him. 

Then we were three, although we FaceTimed Mum, Pat and Maureen, and Sam Jade and Sian. Lots of lovely pressies. Lorraine bought me a bottle garden, which is something I have always wanted. Among other gifts, Anton gave us Woof Woof sauce, which is excellent. It briefly crossed my mind to suggest Woof Woof Turkey, but perhaps not. 

Most of the day spent mucking about, with Beth our harbinger of Christmas in a dinosaur jumper. A good deal of  sitting in the kitchen laughing and drinking bucks fizz. A relaxed Christmas day, although we still laid the table and put candles on. Great food, lots of lovely veggies, and a good lastminute-ish turkey from Sainsbury's.  Then the evening spent playing Linkee 'the super-simple, shouty-outy family quiz game, interspersed with a few drinks and food.

We left the body of the turkey down in the kitchen, and just had limbs. This was a selfie but I managed not to include myself...