Manacled to my desk doing French work all day, about encouraging cat owners to vaccinate their cats. My own cat Calliope of course doing everything in her power to interfere.  Perhaps she is an anti-vaxer like Sonia who is convinced that the vaccine is more harmful than Covid, and spent some time kindly warning me against it. She means well.

Finished on the dot at four, having started before the sparrows were up, and Lorraine collected me and we went to Gladrags for the now traditional sourcing of Santa gear. Not many Santas this year so I had my pick, including a swirly Santa cape, and buckled boots with red flames on them. I look forward to meeting the pony with antlers when I go into Lorraine's school next week. 

Home and off to red chillies to pick up a takeaway. They all know Lorraine when she phones, and call hello Peter cheerily when I arrive. Rather nice. 

Enjoyable evening, sitting on the gold sofa eating curry. I am worried about drinking. I had three cans of beer and felt that was plenty. What I like about drinking is the cheeriness of being with other people, and being in pubs. Even when you are in the company of your beloved wifey, drinking just doesn't feel the same any more. 

Below, Calliope's contribution to my work.