A sunny interlude

A gorgeous day following a wild night of high winds and rain. Lorraine started the day feeling a little coldy, and we got up fairly late. But we had a sensible and enjoyable porridge breakfasts, and then for a walk together. Lorraine got a good way up the hill, then turned back and arrived home in time so Beth and James could pick up her things. Excited reports of soup making later in the day, with the slow cooker Lorraine had found for her.

I continued my walk for another hour. It was a gorgeous day, and there were people walking everywhere some of them in big family groups. The sun makes a huge difference to everything. Playgrounds crowded with children and parents, and the skateboard park at Hollingbury rammed with teenagers. I overheard people saying that the beach was rammed today to. Tier 4 seems to be being taken with a pinch of salt by folks. But who can blame them, the mental health aspects of this year will cast a long shadow. 

Did a fair amount of slugging this evening on the sofa however, watching TV of various sorts, and quite enjoying the start of a new series Black Narcissus, which is full of overwrought nuns and lovely scenery, a sort of Himalayan Sound of music, with ghosts and repressed passions.  Lorraine and I also watched Casablanca, surely one of the best films ever, and loved it. It has been decades since I watched it. Mum watched it the other day too, and the song As Time Goes By, reminds me of her as I bought it as a single for Christmas once in the seventies when it became a novelty chart hit. 

Lorraine and I ate cheese and drank wine from the safety of the sofa tonight. Felt a bit decadent but very good fun nevertheless.

Below the sun, and people dotted about on the edge of the downs.