End of another week, and really having to dig deep to find any motivation, which is unlike me. Got the new Planet Poetry podcast up, with me chatting to Tess Jolly and Krishan Coupland about the uncanny. Learned I had been calling Krishan Krishnan in my emails, on blogs etc. and worse when I interviewed him. He was too polite to correct me so I continued blithely. Only a couple of days before we uploaded the episode, did I notice my faux pas with a good deal of mortification. So had to go back and re-edit, and Robin and I had to re-record some bits. 

Otherwise a week of slow progress. Tinkering with my story Diabolus in Musica, which is not quite coming together yet. Spoke to Mum and the Tobster. Lorraine soldiering on, but enjoying her new fitbit, which gives complex information about her energy levels and so on. She does a surprising amount of steps at school.

A couple of snaps from my walks. Loving the contrast in light at this time of year. The pond which was dry cracked mud near the top of Hollingbury Hill is nearly overflowing now. This abundance makes me oddly happy.