A northward dash to my dentist

Took my life into my own hands today, and a quick dash up to Kew Bridge on the train to visit my dentist. London now trembling on the edge of Tier 3, but my experience of the train was fine. I went off peak, and only around one in six seats were being used. When you add in people travelling together, I was always had a seat with nobody around -- what's more every train arrived on time. I arrived early so I got off at Chiswick station and walked past some of my old abodes before ducking into the dentist. Nice to see Lucinda who, admonishing me for a build up of plaque, said she had to go old-skool with a metal hooky scraper as there are many restrictions on what equipment they can and can't use. You even had to rinse your mouth drinking from one cup and spitting into another.

Home again to get on with some work for mes amis in Paris, and a long chat with Mum. Once home, Lorraine busy making videos of dancing festive elves with family faces on them and writing cards for pupils.

Meanwhile the UK is heading for a disastrous no-deal Brexit, (previously referred to as the easiest deal in history) which will add more hardship onto an already struggling nation. Johnson and his swivel eyed nationalist cronies has reduced this country from a powerful and connected European state, respected around the world, to a divided, universally ridiculed and mistrusted backwater soon to be isolated from its biggest market with no trade deal in sight. Now that's what I call taking back control.    

Below a quiet, masked Clapham Junction; myself on a train, and glimpses of Strand on the Green.