Thursday and working well

Up and working on some stuff that I'd been sent from mes amis in Paris. Then setting up a landing page for the book, which meant  rebuying, creating a skeltonyawngrave twitter account, and generally getting things organised for the kindling of the kids book.

Anton called to wish me happy poetry day, and have a chat.

Beth in for a bit today, going to bed this morning, and then out again this afternoon back to work. Brief chat with Lorraine, her time on the isle of wight going well. Feeling tird by the end of the day, and went to bed early after watching a BBC broadcast documentary about the Spitfire and episodes of Dear White People on Netflix.

Calliope suddenly limping this evening. She had been slightly funny on her foot a day or so before that but had been happily haring about the house between then and now. Somewhat concerned about her.

A bracing walk late in the afternoon, up to the top of Hollingbury, looking down on the steely blue sea. Due to my dodgy ears I have not been listening to audiobooks much lately, but I risked listening as I walked, and finished Paul Tremblay's book A Head Full of Ghosts, which wasn't bad, and was a bit of a postmodern take on an Exorcist type story, with reality show and bloggers blended into the story.