Destination gold sofa

Saturday morning, and Lorraine and I eventually got up and took Calliope to the vet. My cat was not herself, and barely even yowled in the car with any feeling. Luckily the vet says that it seems nothing is broken, but she has strained her shoulder, (there was a point when she pressed Calliope's shoulder and got a definite response yelp). We came away with painkillers, and I felt reassured.

Into town this afternoon, Lorraine with a bit of shopping to do. I went to the barbers and got a trim, and generally caught up a bit on football gossip from the chaps there. All in a good mood as the day's early kick off had resulted in a surprise 3-0 victory for Brighton over Spurs, whose team, the sages of Clippers said some of the Spurs team had been fighting over a woman. Afterwards Lorraine and I mooched to Sainsbury's and laden down, cabbed home. A quiet night in tonight, Lorraine absolutely shattered after the week.

Beth home and joined by Emily and Eliza, getting ready for a night on the town tonight. They are staying overnight, and so kindly brought us some wine. Lorraine and I happy to take, blissfully, to the gold sofa tonight.