Pink Monday

Up with the larks this morning, as Lorraine set off very early. The dawn was rosy, and I looked out at our pebbly garden and everything looked slightly pink. Worked quietly from a bit before seven till lunchtime, then went to the gym. I need to do things every day now into the foreseeable future to promote Magnificent Grace. Getting the ball rolling will take steady effort. I will give it that. Ellie putting the cover on her instagram and facebook with a link to Amazon which is excellent.

I discovered an album by Joan Armatrading called Into The Blues recorded in 2007, and love it. Apparently it topped the blues charts in the US for weeks. Enjoyed watching a documentary about her on TV the other day. It reminded me yet again how her 1976 album, just called Joan Armatrading, is one of my all time favourites. It was given to me by school friends as a birthday present for my 17th birthday. I went to see her live in the seventies too.

Lorraine and Beth home from various works and we had supper catching up with Masterchef. I felt as if I were getting a cold and was snuffling this evening.  Lorraine had a very tiring day, so we were both in bed early. Lorraine reading Magnificent Grace on the kindle, which made me feel a bit paranoid that she would find some terrible mistake in it. So far she hasn't.

Pinkness at dawn, looking east from Kenny Towers.