A fine night out

Working like a dawg today, getting Amazing Grace uploaded onto Amazon, and so on. Didn't quite get it all right, and more to do.

Reading Supernatural Tales, some really good work in there by other people. I look at my story, and see so many things I would like to tweak. I am beginning to realise that the stories that end up being published are not too rigorously edited. The only changes made in my story by the editors was to change all the speech marks to old school double ones, and remove italicisation. Supernatural tales is available on amazon here.

A happy evening. Lorraine returned in one piece from the Isle of Wight. I had missed her. It was weird to wake up in the night being outnumbered by cats.

And speaking of cats, Calliope now limping badly, so I made an appointment at Top Cats tomorrow. Worried about her.

 however with my glass people. Went off to new friends Sally and Marek's apartment on the seafront in Kemptown, there we met Adele and Patrick, Yvonne and Brian. A stunning room, really high ceilinged and covered in portrait pictures, and looking down on the sea.  Marek and Sally ordering curry for everyone, and we drank beer and chatted, and Patrick played guitar and sang and it was all very jolly as you can see from the photos....

Below: Marek (standing) Patrick and Lorraine; Sally playing guitar; myself with Adele; myself with Yvonne; Marek, Brian and Patrick; Sally, Lorraine and Brian.