Lunch with Mum

Up and attending to various tasks first thing. Beth starting a couple of days of evil flat clearing, poor thing.

On the train up to London I felt briefly like a proper writer, with three recent stories published, Magnificent Grace on Kindle, and today was contacted by someone doing a Guernsey-based anthology.

I made off to London today, to meet Mum in the Salisbury for a bite to eat and a few drinks. Great to see her of course, and we had fun chatting and did lots of reminiscing. She gave me a lovely hardback copy of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, and quoted a few thing from it. It was an excellent present. I was bemoaning being as old as 60 in a few days, and then I said it must be worse to have a son of 60. 'Good job I had you when I was twelve,' she said.

Fond farewells at Embankment station, and then I headed back to Preston Park just in time to beat the 4.00pm deadline when my super off peak saver would no longer work. Lorraine and Beth back at the same time, and we had a quiet night in, which was good. Lorraine having a highly challenging week of it.

Below Mum tries on my new Harry Potterish spectacles to squint at the menu.