The thud this morning of my copy of Supernatural Tales coming through the letter flap, with my story The Inheritors in. Takes up 14 pages. Not taken up 14 pages of any meatspace publication before, and it was a very good feeling. Feeling cheerful, and far less queasy today.

Working on some work for the French agency first thing, which was then cancelled as their client had decided to design the whole thing himself. Slightly despairing note from Val but I was able to support her a bit. Then able to do work on my own bits and pieces, and then I was sent with some stuff to do tomorrow.

In the evening slipped off the desk manacles and walked off to see Anton for a cheeky drink at eight. We met outside the Shakespeare's Head, but there was a quiz night on so we went to a couple of other places, and ended up in The Evening Star, drinking beer similar to the kind he was drinking in Dresden recently. Anton liked the beer,  but didn't love the clientele of beardy and sandal-sporting geeezers talking seriously about beer. All the beer and no idea. I walked home and watched a bit of TV before sloping into bed.

Anton and I walked past this window tonight. Looked like a laugh. It is called A Room Full of Laughter by Andy Doig. A better view that what was on offer a few shops down. I squinted in a window and I got an eyeful of a gentleman's privates as there was a nude drawing class going on.