Zooming towards Christmas

A day of zooming about in a pre-Christmas frenzy. A relaxed breakfast with Pat and Maureen, after I had nipped around the corner to pick up a large pork pie, and our big turkey from Choice Cuts. Beth off early this morning, as today was her last elf day. Lorraine, Pat and Beth went into town to see Beth in her last day of elfhood. Then Lorraine and I drove off to the Brighton Station where we collected Sian, and drove her to Beth's flat in Hove where she will stay with Sam and Jade.

Lorraine and I then popped down to see Janet and Ken, and drop off a present for them. Hus and Bryn were there too, and I was given a very large glass of wine. Much admiring of Janet's sapphire blue Toyota Jazz parked outside on the street. Fond farewells, then we drove around the corner where I accosted Innis in the street and gave him our presents to him and Rosie. Innis, clutching the last bits of shopping for Christmas, said he had a job tomorrow doing a shoot on the beach.

Lorraine drove us home to collect ourselves. Then we took a bus into town with Pat and made to the Basketmakers, where we found Sam and Beth. Eventually we secured a table and we were joined by Jade and Sian. A typically cheery Basketmakers. Sian intrigued by the boxes full of messages on the walls and read several of them. Then Lorraine, Pat, Sian and I bundled into a cab and home to finish preparation of the evening spread.

Beth's giant Christmas Eve buffet spread tonight. Starring things like mackerel pate, and a large gammon ham that she had made. Lots of food, and cheese and stuff, all washed down with a fair amount of booze. A very cheerful evening. 

Below Jade and Sam, and me, Lorraine and Pat in the Basketmakers, Jade's snap of Beth's festive spread.