Off to Mum and Mas

Off to Edgware today. The sky blue and cheery. Morning trying together Lorraine's iPhone fixed, to no avail. Fond farewells to Pat and Maureen, who are going to stay overnight and feed the cats.

We had to stop off at Bolney on the way north, to pick up Lorraine's old phone. Then had a fast journey to the M25 where traffic crawled.

Eventually we arrived cups of tea and pistachio nuts and slices of the very lemony lemon tart Beth had made, which was extremely nice. Good chats with Mum and Mas, and we swapped a few presents. Mas pleased with the padded shirt I had bought him. Mum bought Lorraine a nice scarf and earrings. Mas telling Lorraine about Hugo Hamlin, his dad and we found one of the songs he had composed on the internet called I'm Going Back To Chattanooga Tennessee.

We made off in the car up to Bushey, where I had booked a table at the Horse and Chains, to have a little festive celebration and also celebrate Mum's birthday too.

Food not as good as I remember it, but still okay. Lorraine and I had goose, as I could not remember ever eating goose before. It was a bit tough but quite flavourful. A few drinks in the restaurant, Mason chatting at some point to two engineers at the bar, before we came home. Lorraine grabbed him and steered him towards the door. I could hear one of them saying afterwards, 'if half of what that guy was saying is true...'

Evening spent drinking wine, (which Lorraine joined in too) and listening to some of Mum's favourite tunes on her Spotify, including the heart rending Ne me quitte pas by Jacques Brel. Many conversations, and Mum saying again that she should write stories based around individual pieces of music. Eventually we lurched off to bed. I was very pleased we had seen them.