A festive mood

A good night's sleep, woke up and quickly made a note of things Lorraine was saying about her Carol Concert tonight, so she had a basis for her introduction. Then I worked a bit on the poetry. I had sent what is forming into a new collection of poems, called Sin Cycle, to Robin and Sarah, and both were very positive about it. Very pleased about that. Perhaps even more pleased that I was able to arrange for one of my invoices to be paid, the prospect of a fish finger Christmas is receding. However glee at this tempered by being told I had misspelled the woman's name I was dealing with in my thank you email. Things like that curl my toes.

Mooching about to the post office, ordering a turkey from the butchers. Also felt very sleepy, which I put down to yesterday's massage.

In the evening, I walked over to Anton's house, chatting to mum on my mobile. Hung out and talked all night with Anton as I'd not seen him since I did my poetry reading in October. Oskar had been off school today, and Anne was there. Nice to see everyone. Anton preparing Reuben Sandwiches, and we had a good night drinking beers and catching up, and listening to a good deal of reggae. Walked home after midnight, top hat set slightly askew as befits a gentleman in the festive season. For having seen three old friends this week, very much like festivities have begun.