Duvets and destruction

A stiff gale rattling the loose tile on the roof last night, and lashings of stormy icy rain... Lorraine and I sensibly stayed in bed till the afternoon, in fact it was virtually a duvet day, nipping out to supply ourselves with breakfast and cups of tea. Once up, Lorraine and I spent the afternoon emptying everything from the kitchen cupboards, and putting everything back again in what Lorraine said was more logical ways.

My wife cooked an exceptionally tasty vegetable stew this evening, which we ate watching the last two episodes of Robot Wars. This show where people build destructive robots to do battle with one another speaks to my inner schoolboy. Seeing bits of metal flying off lovingly constructed robots and heavy machines being tossed into the air is great fun. The young guy who won the competition this season, had been watching Robot Wars all his life, and winning it was his lifetime ambition.

To bed, not dreading the coming day, which was nice.