The future now

Not much going on today. Fiddled with some poems first thing, and then chatted to Pat a couple of times about a job, which at the end of the day resulted in me having to go up to London tomorrow, for a day with my pals in Hampton.

Otherwise a slightly limboish day waiting to find out what was happening with work. I walked into town to buy myself a moleskine diary. Not my normal scarlet one, but a sort of darker red with a bit of blue in it. This something of a revolution for me as my last nine years or so have all been the red ones. I half regret this breaking of the pattern, but there is something freeing about it on the other hand. Bizarre how much bandwidth the buying of a diary took up today. Nevertheless I enjoyed putting the first dates into the new year. 2018. What a science fiction year that seems. I think back to being a child and 2000 seeming to be unimaginably futuristic.

Home again, and I cooked a pie, with a filling that Lorraine had previously made. She zoomed in and then went off to pilates.

Below the bipolar bear I snapped on a Brighton wall just off London Road.