Curtains and decorations

A slow start. Lorraine somewhat fragile after drinking wine last night. I made us tea and a sustaining breakfast and we gradually repaired.

It was afternoon before we got going, and we did things around the house. Some of these involved the dreaded DIY, and I found myself drilling holes in the wall so we can hang curtains. Every time I have used a drill in Brighton has been challenging. The walls are made of weirdness, various substances, everything from stones to air pockets, so drilling a simple hole in a wall becomes an adventure. Still, we managed it. Lorraine supportive and practical, which helps as I am not very confident at DIY person.

This done, off to Beth and John's for a Sunday roast. Which Lorraine made, as Beth and John began excitedly decorating the spare tree we had brought over. A lovely meal, and then we all sat in the dark looking at the glowing lights of the tree appreciatively. Fond farewells. John off later in the week to be with his Mum and sister for Christmas.

Lorraine and I made our way home as everyone, but me, had to work tomorrow. I was yawning my head off all night for some reason and couldn't wait to get home.

Below Beth and John mid-discussion about the finer points of tree decoration.