Sian had left for London from Hove this morning. We had fun with her over the festive period.  Lorraine up early, then drove Beth back to her flat, then off to the station where she travelled up to be with John at his mum's in London. Then Lorraine had a regular check up mammogram. I had a blissfully slow morning, catching up with my blog and sorting stuff out in my study, while Pat and Maureen were elves tidying breakfast things down in the kitchen.

A quiet day, weather not terribly inviting. Lorraine and I drove to Hove in the afternoon to collect Sam, still croaky and unwell, and Jade. Brought them home to feed them, Lorraine made ham and eggs and french fries, and Jade ate the last of the mushroom wellington with french fries. Then we took them to the station. Fond farewells with Sam and Jade. I had really enjoyed seeing them. Christmas was a success, and Lorraine was very happy to see everyone, as was I.

Home and we sat with Pat and Maureen, watching TV and having a small beer. I love this lull between Christmas and New Year.  Phoned Mum to confirm our trip up tomorrow.