Thursday, March 01, 2012

Through history to Tavistock

Up to London again today. Finished listening to History of Modern Britain on the train today. Marr's account finishes in 2007. Interesting to hear an overview of the last 70 years in six hours. Like a googlemap where you zoom from your street up into space.

Otherwise a perfectly pleasant day up on Tavistock Square. The square itself full of springlike activity. Blossom on a tree, and daffodils. Had an enjoyably cheeky lunch with Katie in a local pub and discussed high-minded things like love. Brief chats too with Matty boy and The French Bloke and Keith before zooming home.

A much needed quiet evening on the sofa massaging Lorraine's feet.

Was sent this link by the digital guy Andrew at the agency about bears near Banff as an example of what these newfangled websites can do these days. Worth checking out here. I have been to Banff and gone for short walks in the Rockies. An unforgettable experience.

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