Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dawn in transit, and a touch of spice

Up fairly early this morning, and mooched off to Dawn's flat in Compton Road where Lorraine and I, Cath, Mark, Sarah, and her lovely little daughter Evelyn helped Dawn and Ellie (her daughter at college in London) move out. Much carrying of boxes etc. out of the house like a line of ants. Sarah and JD from a few doors down brought us cups of tea when we were loading the van, and Dawn produced fruitcake which was rather marvellous.

Then down to the storage depot, with a change of personnel L & I plus Dawn, Ellie and Dawn's two sisters loading everything into a storage cubicle.

A beautiful day, and after we were done, Lorraine and I walked through the park, passing a convention of pug owners. Home and a little quiet time. Cath came around later to show us the results of a clothes spending spree.

In the evening off to The Basketmakers to meet Matt and Wayne and chat to them and a few other BM regulars such as Irish Tom and Rich who is just about to leave to live in London.

Wayne happy because he entered a competition to paint a picture of Mel C (formerly Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls). Bizarrely, this turned into a composition, and inspired him with a new way of working. Wayne's prize was to meet Mel C, and he gave her a copy of Clameur. I enjoyed a brief vision of the Spice Girls and David Beckham listening attentively to the album.

Good chats with Matt too, who was being very supportive and encouraging about my writing. We left quite early, as Lorraine was sneezing and needing her bed. Home in time for football. Chelsea won again today. All well.

Below Dawn in Transit, and Ellie and Dawn.

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