Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday fun

Feeling disinclined to work today, but pressed on with my various bits, including writing some templates for covering letters for the CD. Slugged then off to the gym and did some sweaty workout stuff, and felt much improved for it. Lorraine working at home this afternoon, but I was a bit of a shirker, falling deliciously asleep late in the afternoon.

An enjoyable evening to celebrate Lorraine's National Professional Qualification for Headship success. Dawn and Cath came around and we drank some sparkling wine Dawn had bought, and then made off into town, to meet up with Betty who was coming home and Rosie. We went to a restaurant called Englishes and had some more bubbly and oysters. I had one, but am not really a big lover of oysters. Lorraine in her element, and very happy surrounded by her friends and Beth and me too.

We then all snuck off to the basketmakers for a more general chats. Lovely to see Beth again and hear her news. It's very lucky that we get on so well. Dawny also just about to move house, and the sale has finally gone through. We shall be helping next week. Beth, Lorraine and I all bad on the way home, as an oyster and a few olives doesn't constitute a meal. Beth and I brazenly into Ace Pizzas, and Lorraine shockingly buying herself a kebab.

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